Champion learners are curious about everything. They ask questions and get themselves involved in all stages of learning, without worrying about the answer, but relishing in the process. They have learned that by posing questions, they can generate interest and aliveness in the most exciting or mundane situation. This inquisitive attitude fuels their unrelenting quest for continuous learning.

  • Watch the video below from TED (I use these a lot) by Jonathan Zittrain. It's really more about kindness than curiosity, but I think he makes some relevant points about how tech and our curious natures have intersected.
  • Watch this slide show shared by Maiers on her blog. Even without the narration, it's easy to see creativity in action here!
  • Maiers begins each of her chapters with a version of the motivational poster--a photo with a quote. Using whatever tool you like (PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, Pages, Sites, Glogster, click here for a list of more web 2.0 options--or kick it old school and draw, collage, color--then take a digital picture to post here), create your own "poster" for this chapter and post it to the Curiosity page.
  • Respond to the Discussion Questions. Remember that you only need to respond to one, but are welcome to respond to more.