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I think of times in my life that it took more than "I think can" to get me to my goal. Most recently, I completed running in my first half marathon. Without resolve, determination, firmness, and endurance, I know I could not and would not have physically or mentally
gone the distance.

Adaptability is more than just serving change; it is using change as a growth opportunity. In fact, with anticipation of change, you can control change. This kind of development requires robust adaptively. The world opens up for adaptable learners, as they approach each task, each challenge willing to be a beginner. They approach their learning and life with a beginner's mindset. These learners embrace challenge with openness, flexibility. Those who don't embrace change with adaptability usually get blind-sided by it.

  • Read Classroom Habitudes Chapters Three (p. 49-61) and Six (p. 99-113) on Perseverance and Adaptation
  • Watch the TED talk below from Frank Gehry
  • Read this blog entry (shared by Angela Maiers on her blog) about when to quit and when to stick
  • Read The Dip manifesto from Seth Godin. It's about knowing when to quit in order to become the best in the world at whatever you do.

  • Look through the ideas posted so far in this workshop. Choose one that you could adapt to your own professional situation and share how you would do this on the Adaptation page. For example, I loved the Switcharoo Zoo idea shared for the Imagination assignment. I'm thinking for my high school language arts class we could chop up parts of a short story and switch them around to make a new story (with some revision, of course). This a great way to encourage imagination and creativity!
  • Respond to the Discussion Questions. Remember that you only need to respond to one, but are welcome to respond to more.