Grade Sheet--this list is those who are taking the class for credit through USF.

Since this workshop is graded only on a pass or no credit basis, the following grade sheet is more of a tracking chart--if you've completed the assignments (and of course participated in the discussion each week), then you will pass this workshop. *Update 5/24--I added a discussion post column to the grade sheet as well, since it's part of your overall completion. Please note that the tracking for this though is somewhat inexact, and that I value content in the discussions as much if not more so than number of posts, so thank you for your contributions!

Also, if you have turned something in and it's not checked here, I probably just haven't graded it yet--if it's on the wiki, you're set. While I make every effort to grade on a regular basis, it doesn't always happen as soon as it should. :-)

Please note that some individuals participate in these workshops for informational purposes only, and thus may or may not complete the assignments. It is also possible that someone listed may have already cancelled their registration.