Imagination Movers! Maiers includes a list of resources for helping students and teachers expand their imaginations. Please help to expand this list by sharing a resource that you use--it can be a book, an activity, a question, a song, a picture, whatever!

Directions for posting to the wiki: 1. Click in the table cell to the right of your name. 2. Click Edit (by the pencil). 3. Click on the image icon next to the little TV on the editor bar. 4. Click upload. 5. Find your graphic organizer on your computer, click on it to select it, then click Open. 6. Double click the icon for your file. 7. Click Save, then Save again. 8. Your file should now show up in the table next to your name.

WikiNote: When saving your file before uploading to the wiki, please include your initials or something else unique in the filename. For example, if two people both create a powerpoint file and name it "CuriosityPoster," wikispaces sometimes replaces the first one created with the second one when it is uploaded. Sorry for any inconvenience with this! ~Kris

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